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Being conventional didn't get us here. We do things differently, and as our name suggests: We are constantly innovating.

Every customer, every partner and every project is different.
We adapt our skill set and approach with each collaboration.

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Your one-stop-shop for technology-driven innovations
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Development of ideas for future innovation & technology fields (market-pull & technology-push) and identification of promising use cases based on current pains and gains

Assessments & Benchmarks

Evaluation of the current maturity level related to a technology or organizational development topic and definition of the status quo and benchmarking against other peers

Market &
Technology Scouting

Analysis of new markets for existing solutions and future innovations, evaluation of available technologies on the market, and technologies under development

Piloting &

Technical feasibility studies, creation of profound implementation concepts, development of dedicated pilots, prototyping, and customer validation of the MVP

Solution Development

Industrialization of prototyped solutions, design of customized user interfaces (UI/UX), overall customer-centric solution development through agile approaches and mixed teams of software, IT, business, and domain experts

New Business Development

Business-related feasibility studies, development of new business models, building or expanding the customer base for new solutions, venturing or as a service approaches to ensure the competitiveness of our customers through new technology-based innovation in a constantly changing world

Venture Building &

Initiation, establishment, and growth of joint venture projects to realize innovations; driving technology as well as business implementation, as well as co-investing in selected, emerging start-ups


We take over responsibility to get part of your team to drive growth with innovations. Our highly qualified entrepreneurs and management experts support you to achieve your targets.


Your individual learning journey through the world of technology-driven innovations based on our five focus areas for different target groups across all hierarchy levels

Community &

Exchange with real practitioners and experts, ongoing sharing in open innovation sessions, events, conferences, and realization of joint development projects


Eliminate errors before they occur.

Take advantage of our consulting services.

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Focus Areas

Where we create world class innovations

Industry 4.0

The digital transformation of industry offers major potential. To do it right, a proper strategic approach, infrastructure design, and development of the skills and mindset of the people as well as organization are needed to achieve transformative goals, not just local optimization.

Technology & Innovation Management

The ability to identify, develop and implement innovations differentiates successful companies from the others. A diligent, modern technology and innovation management drives future growth and competitive advantage to leap one step ahead.


Overcome the dichotomy between profitability and sustainability by learning how to systematically prioritize your most impactful sustainability levers. We guide you towards a professional sustainability management in order to address increasing awareness and sustainability regulations.

Artificial Intelligence

Data is the new oil. To be ready for the data-driven future, strategic cornerstones need to be prepared and promising data-related use cases must be implemented in a scalable manner. For this, AI offers a powerful toolset to optimize processes, reduce waste and develop new digital products and services.

New Products & Ventures

Innovation is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration: It’s not only about ideas and great technologies. It's about turning ideas into products that customers love and creating a sustainable business. The art of successful innovation is the ability to implement with speed, experience and impact. Amazing teams build new products and ventures to future-proof your business.

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We believe that purpose, dedication, passion, patience, the right partners, and competencies as well as an incredible portion of sweat to reinvent the new are essential ingredients of the recipe for success.

We love to create and apply cutting-edge methods, consulting, training, and implementation services exactly to our customers' needs.

As passionate entrepreneurs, we combine methodological expertise, business intuition and decades of project experience to successfully implement digital solutions and joint ventures with our partners.

Convince yourself and learn more about our past and ongoing projects.

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Chief Sustainability Manager

The Chief Sustainability Manager is aimed at sustainability responsibles and managers from technology-oriented companies, particularly from research & development, technology & innovation management, and strategy & production.

Chief Digital Transformation Manager

The Chief Digital Transformation Manager provides all the necessary methods to steer a digital transformation program from conception to scaling as well as content on the major building blocks, a step-by-step transformation approach, key value drivers, and application areas of Industry 4.0.

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