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Get insights into new market trends, successful practices from the industry, and cutting-edge technologies from the science community to ensure competitiveness

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Dive into exciting discussions in different areas of technology & innovation, contribute your own impulses, learn from others, and innovate together through joint projects

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Exchange with industrial practitioners, technological experts, and scientists through ongoing open innovation sessions, events, and conferences

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Based on open innovation sessions with other community partners or bilateral workshops, promising projects can be explored, validated, prototyped, and industrialized together

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Create your individual learning journey through the world of technology-driven innovations based on our five focus areas for different target groups across all hierarchy levels

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Get support to build innovative, digital teams through INC's international networks - whether via extended teams, own staff, or long-term staff development programs

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Our international innovation hubs not only provide access to experienced technology & business experts but also the chance to innovate outside of your own facilities

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Future of Smart Homes, Buildings & Cities

Ensuring interoperability, and sustainability in future smart homes, buildings, and cities

6 common Pitfalls that hinder your Innovation Potential

Unsystematic innovation measures lead to inefficiency in the technology and innovation process and failing projects

Maintaining Investment Balance in Industry 4.0

Guidance for balanced investments for successful I4.0 transformations

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Do you have questions about technologies, materials, methods? We know who knows the answers! Closely networked with the institutes and centers on the RWTH Aachen Campus, we provide fast access to the right experts and establish appropriate contacts.

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Our premium members are firmly integrated as an advisory board into the strategic orientation and the content-related design of the INC Invention Center. In this way, we can guarantee our industry-relevant, state-of-the-art offering.

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