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Our manager training formats are aimed at senior executives or managing owners of a company. You want to strategically optimize and sustainably implement the performance of the entire company in order to achieve the company's goals.


Overcome the dichotomy between profitability and sustainability by learning how to systematically prioritize your most impactful sustainability levers. We guide you towards a professional sustainability management in order to address increasing awareness and sustainability regulations.


For this training we invite you to one of our German locations in Aachen, Berlin, Dresden or Munich. Experience the benefits of industry, research and science in one place in a motivating environment and get in direct contact with peers.

Level 3

5 Days
Preparing for the next career step or building on existing expertise in order to fill the current role more effectively requires intensive training formats. In addition to theoretical training content, interaction, exercises and transferability to your own job context are particularly important. This is made possible in 3-5 day certificate courses.

The Transformation of Shaping Sustainability

About this Training

Sustainability in operations and supply chains relies on several levers to reduce the amount of utilized energy and material waste. Levers can be found in all operational action fields of producing companies such as resource provision, production processes, product usage and disposal. The crucial challenge is to prioritize these levers in order to focus on economically feasible measures that have an impact to quickly reduce harmful emissions. Newest regulations like the Supply Chain Act or Carbon Border Protection Mechanism increase pressure on companies to act quickly and become compliant by 2025 latest.

Why this Training is right for you

The Chief Sustainability Manager is aimed at sustainability responsibles and managers from technology-oriented companies, particularly from research and development, technology and innovation management, strategy and production. It helps you to identify white spots in your sustainability strategy and to structure, evaluate and prioritize the multitude of sustainability activities to reach the challenging goals set by legislation from 2023 onward.

Training Goals & Training Plan

After this training, you will know how to identify the right action points and derive appropriate projects to address the requirements of sustainability in supply chains and operations.

Day 1 - Basics of Sustainability: Trends, Regulation & Life Cycle Assessment
  • Arrival, Welcome & Introduction
  • Trends in Sustainability & the Circular Economy
  • Current and Future Regulatory Framework in Connection with CO2
  • Emissions Basic Principles of Life - Cycle Analysis of Scope 1 & 2 Emissions
  • Overview of the Determination of Scope 3 Emissions

Day 2 - Sustainable Production: Industry 4.0, Materials & Supply Chains
  • Industry 4.0 & Digitalization as drivers of Sustainable Production
  • Sustainable materials: procurement & recycling (steel, aluminum, polymers)
  • Influence of CO2 taxes and determination of break-even scenarios
  • Exploiting the potential of I4.0 for the traceability of the carbon footprint
  • Digital Lean & Energy Management (Optimization Scope 1 & 2)
  • Collaboration & Transparency in the Supply Chain (Optimization Scope 3)

Day 3 - Sustainable Energy Systems: Technologies, Solutions & Alternatives
  • Evaluation and optimal use of new solutions for Sustainable Energy Supply Production Plants
  • Sustainable Electricity: Potentials of Photovoltaics, Wind Power, Batteries & Co.
  • Sustainable Heat: green high-temperature processes and potentials of industrial heat pumps
  • The role of hydrogen in the energy systems of the future

Day 4 - Circular Economy: Challenges, Best Practices & New Business Models
  • Circular Economy: Trends and Challenges
  • Circular Economy Model & Best Practices
  • Sustainable business models in the context of the Circular Economy
  • Development of new business models for the Circular Economy

Day 5 - Sustainability Strategy: Site Assessment, Prioritization & Roadmapping
  • Use of a sustainability index for individual location determination
  • Derivation, priorization & control of sustainability activities
  • Exam
  • Final Discussion
  • Awarding of Certificates
  • Departure from 2.30 pm

Requesting Inhouse Training?

The course, or parts of it, would also be interesting for your entire team/your company? We would be happy to advise you on the possibility of an inhouse training. Give us a call or write to us - we will tailor your further training to suit your needs!

Learn more about

  • Understand the action fields and priorities in sustainability for operations and supply chain
  • Introduction to new technology drivers and solutions to address different action fields
  • Guideline how to set up a comprehensive and individual roadmap that economically sets the most promising levers into motion
  • Derive and develop necessary capabilities in defined action fields of sustainability
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