Technology & Innovation Summit 2024

October 8-9

Rise Stronger
Outpace with Speed & Intelligence

In today's dynamic world, it's not enough to keep pace.

It's about flourishing despite change, observing rational dependencies, doing things differently, and thereby creating innovations that ensure competitiveness based on technological excellence.
However, technologies alone will not lead you to success.

Unlock the secrets of success in dynamic times together with renowned experts and pioneers from various industries - just like more than 2,500 innovators did at past summits successfully.

This isn't just an event - it's a catalyst for change, a launch pad for the new normal.

Are you ready to join us at the leading edge of innovation?

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Recap of Last Year's #TIS

TIS 2024 - Snapshot


Selected Participants
from SME & Corporates


Visionary Speakers


Emerging Trends & Future Topics

Top Reasons to Attend

Discover the Power of Possibilities.


Embark on a journey of innovation and growth, where you'll uncover strategies to overcome barriers and tackle today's and tomorrow's challenges. Dive into hands-on exploration of the latest trends, technologies, and transformation paths.


Embrace transformation! TIS is a powerful catalyst for change and a launch pad for the new normal, fostering strength through community. Engage with inspiring keynotes and interactive workshops to explore innovative methods, tools, and strategies. Exchange valuable insights and learn from both: Best and Bad practices.


Build meaningful contacts and expand your network. The Summit provides a unique platform to exchange ideas and experiences, connecting you with potential collaboration partners. Empower yourself to shape your future with logic, courage, and thoughtful reflection.

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Take a look at our program with visionary insights!  

9:30 am

Rise Stronger: Diversifying in Dynamic Markets

Toni Drescher, CEO, INC
Anne Loos, Executive Director New Business & Technologies, INC

10:00 am

Evolving from Plastic to Paper: A Machine Builder's Transformation Journey


10:30 am

Innovation Pit Stop: Coffee Time

10:45 am

Hot Topic Discussions on Diversification in Growing Markets


11:30 am

Creative Refuel: Coffee Time

11:45 am

Unlocking Growth: Lessons learned in Market Transformations


12:00 pm

Old Roots, New Shoots: Nurturing Growth through Traditional Values and Modern Strategies

Dr. Ingrid Reyzl, Vice President Technology and Operations, New Growth Factory, Miele

12:30 pm

Networking Oasis: Lunch Time

1:30 pm

Y-Shaped Innovation: Spotlight on Challenges, Beyond Solutions


2:00 pm

Hands-on Co-Creation: Enhancing Circular Economy through Product, Business and Company Redesign


4:00 pm

Fuel-Up: Coffee Break

4:20 pm

Adapt or Die: Lessons from Reinvention Success Stories - Panel Discussion


5:00 pm

From Lab to Line: GenAI's Impact in R&D & Production


5:30 pm

Pre-Dinner Interlude: Me-Time

7:00 pm

Innovation Dinner
Where Ideas Spark over Delicious Cuisine

Where Ideas Spark over Delicious Cuisine

9:30 am

Revolutionizing Production: Bridging the Chasm with Speed-up Factories

Patrick Kabasci, Executive Director Digital Transformation, INC

10:00 am

Driving Velocity: Accelerating Operations in Supply Chain & Production - Panel Discussion


10:45 am

Recharge and Reflect: Coffee Break

11:00 am

Driving Manufacturing Excellence: Unveiling AI's Success Stories


11:30 am

Transforming Operations: Adapting Production to New Material and Business Realities


12:00 pm

Charting New Territory: Embracing the System Provider Role


12:30 pm

Sip and Connect: Networking Lunch

1:30 pm

The Innovation Imperative: Pathways to Corporate Excellence


2:15 pm

Rise Stronger: Final Thoughts & Farewell


2:30 pm

Community Exchange & Annual Meeting
Exclusively for INC Community Members

Exclusively for INC Community Members

Meet the Community

Engage with Industry Leaders

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