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Unlock AI's potential with the AI Navigator! Seamlessly guide from ideation to successful implementation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of our daily lives, impacting both consumers and industry sector. In the consumer sector, technologies like Alexa and Siri have already simplified our routines, while in the industrial context, AI-powered image recognition enhances quality assurance, speech recognition aids in plant control, and generative AI streamlines information retrieval for businesses.

Nonetheless, the introduction and execution of numerous AI projects often encounter challenges, primarily from an economic standpoint. The failure to realize the potential benefits of AI frequently stems from the selection of overly complex projects or those that surpass the company's existing resource capabilities. These missteps result in wasted financial investments and can lead to reduced technology acceptance and resistance within the organization.

The AI Navigator is a structured toolset that supports companies of all sizes in identifying promising AI-ready projects by guiding them from ideation through assessment and data testing towards a successful use case implementation and scale-up.



Find below a selection of publications about the AI Navigator toolset.


Humans at the Heart of AI

The paper, written by Anne Loos, Antonela Sisejkovic, and Dr. Benny Drescher, was presented at the XXXIII ISPIM Conference "Innovation in a Digital World" in Copenhagen on June 05 to 08, 2022. Misplaced goals and targets result in AI implementation projects failing due to insufficient consideration of relevant impact factors. 

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Set Sail to AI - InnovatieNU, University of Twente

In this article for a magazine of the AM Center at the University of Twente (Netherlands), Anne Loos & Antonela Sisejkovic explain the aims and the functionality of our AI Navigator.

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