Unlocking value from AI in manufacturing

AI is often used to implement new fancy technology. However, this does not lead to the desired results. In order to be successful, optimize processes, reduce waste, and increase quality, it is necessary to select and implement carefully chosen and appropriately value-adding use cases. Even though the fundamental potential that can be achieved through the use of AI in manufacturing and in value chains is well known, most companies face major organizational, technical, and human challenges to implementing it. To show these challenges precisely and an approach to how to overcome them, we have used our experiences from years of project work in the field of Industry 4.0 and AI and enriched it with further insights from our partners World Economic Forum and MEXT(Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Türkiye) to shed light on selected challenges and detail our well-known step-by-step approach to overcome them - the AI Navigator.

Our white paper presents the benefits that can be achieved through industrial AI applications in operational performance, sustainability and workforce augmentation as well as six main barriers hindering their adoption at scale. It also highlights over 20 successful AI applications implemented by leading manufacturers and an example of a step-by-step approach to implementing scalable AI applications in manufacturing and supply chains.

Read the full paper here

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Anne Loos
Executive Director New Business & Technologies
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