AI-based assembly sequence planning

AI-based Assembly Sequence Planning

Electronic appliance manufacturers are facing the challenge of planning the assembly sequence for new products. An essential part of assembly planning is defining the assembly sequence, considering the mechanical product’s design, and handling of the product’s components. The assembly sequence determines the order of processes for each workstation, the overall layout, and thereby time and cost.

Currently, the assembly sequence is decided by industrial engineers through a manual approach that is time-consuming, complex, and requires technical expertise. In order to reduce the industrial engineers’ manual effort, a Computer-Aided Assembly Sequence Planning (CAASP) system can be implemented, which is being developed in our partner lab based in Hong Kong. The system uses Computer-Aided Design (CAD) files to derive Liaison and Interference Matrices that represent a mathematical relationship between the parts.

Subsequently, an Algorithm generates an optimized assembly sequence based on these relationships. Through a web browser-based application, the user can upload files and interact with the system.

Read the full paper here

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Dr. Benny Drescher
Technology Director
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