AI in Technology & Innovation Management (TIM)

Innovation has traditionally been seen as a domain for humans, because of their unique capability to innovate. But the way of innovation is being changed by the possibilities of AI.

Join our “AI in TIM” consortium project, profit from best practices insights, and gain an individual guideline on automating your TIM process.

What you get

  • Discover current and potential requirements and trends within technology and innovation processes
  • Gain insights into where AI can usefully optimize your TIM processes
  • Identify the key pain points in your own TIM process and get a status quo assessment
  • Identify individual quick wins and get recommendations of action options based on the status quo analysis
  • Assess the potential of AI in relation to the implementation effort in a prototypical demonstration on one selected
    use case within the consortium.
  • Share ideas with leaders from other companies and gain insights into their practices
  • Get answers to your most pressing questions and learn more about best practices and success factors
  • Be part of a benchmarking study on the TIM processes and profit from exclusive insights into the study results

Why it matters?

AI demonstrates a turning point in how we do innovation, fundamentally redefining our approach to technological advancement in all areas. So why not use AI to optimize the innovation process itself?

By integrating AI, our innovation processes can profit significantly, leading to smarter, faster, and more effective solutions.

By leveraging AI, we're not just keeping pace with change; we're pioneering it. AI can revolutionize our journey of continuous growth and innovation and ultimately a smarter future.

“AI is not going to replace managers, but managers who use AI will replace the managers who do not."
~ Rob Thomas, IBM Senior Vice President

Find out more about the current challenges in TIM, what opportunities AI offers in terms of improvement & optimization and why its integration is crucial for transformative growth & efficiency in our Whitepaper on this topic.

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Key elements of the project

Individual problem identification

Identify the key pain points in your own TIM process and define most promising quick win solutions.

Demonstration use case

Assess the potential of AI in relation to implementation effort on one selected use case.

Success Stories & Lessons Learned

Get answers to your most pressing questions, exchange with experts and gain insights into their best practices.

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Project outline

Project Outline AI in TIM

Phase 1

In the Kick-Off meeting, you will get to know the project consortium and the project structure. You'll have the opportunity to share your expectations and provide input on the project scope.

We will conduct an outside-in analysis to identify current trends, requirements, and promising use cases in the TIM field. Additionally, success stories and best practices gathered from our partner network will be presented at the 1st Interim meeting.

Phase 2

An individual workshop will be conducted with each consortium partner to assess the status quo of your current individual TIM process and prioritize the quick wins. As a result, you will receive a well-founded guide on how to approach the further introduction of AI in your own most promising use case.

At the 2nd interim meeting, the consortium will choose one relevant use case for demonstration during the last phase of the project.

Phase 3

A prototypical demonstration of the selected use case will be conducted to showcase how AI can optimize specific challenges within the TIM process. The aim is to depict the relationship between benefits and efforts and to validate the assumed added value of the use case.

At the project's final meeting, we will summarize the lessons learned, discuss the demonstration use case, and define the individual or consortial next steps.

We offer you a comprehensive portfolio of proven methodological frameworks and expertise to accelerate the identification and ultimately the implementation of digital and AI solutions according to your requirements.

Target group

Participation in this project is open to medium and large companies from all industries who want to uncover the optimization potential of their own R&D as well as their technology & innovation management processes.

Benefit from our experience

We provide you an extensive range of established methodological frameworks and a wealth of experience to expedite the identification and, ultimately, the implementation of digital and AI solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Cooperation partner

General conditions

Project Start: April 2024

Duration: approx. 5 months

Costs: 19,000 € per company (15,000 € for INC Members)

Get more information from Antonela Sisejkovic, Head of Innovation Excellence
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