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As part of the Insights training format, participants as explorers have the opportunity to gain access to cutting-edge technologies and innovative insights in compact content on current trending topics in order to stay on top of the rapidly changing subject areas and stay up-to-date.


Overcome the dichotomy between profitability and sustainability by learning how to systematically prioritize your most impactful sustainability levers. We guide you towards a professional sustainability management in order to address increasing awareness and sustainability regulations.


With our trainings in e-learning format, you get instant access to the learning content on our e-learning platform. You can access the content at any time and thus process what you have learned at your own pace.

Level 1

2 Hours
Experience the most important information on current topics and trends in a compact setting of up to 2 hours online-course duration. No matter if you want to learn more about new developments in your core business or if you want to think outside the box, our Insights enable you to do so based on our market and technology experiences.

About this Training 

Do you know your exact Carbon Footprint per product or service? If not, someone will guess it for you and you might be charged based upon it! Sustainability regulations are certainly not new – CO2 compensation acts have been effective for decades. But not all industries and companies have been evenly affected. With the Supply Chain Act and the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), just to name a few, the situation will drastically change and almost every company will be required to be compliant to certain regulations from 2023 and onward. Especially globally active companies sometimes lose track on quickly changing regulations around the globe – with us you can stay up to date on the latest developments, be prepared for the challenges ahead and avoid negative impacts on your business.

Why this Training is right for you

The Sustainability Regulations Insights are aimed at business responsibles and regulatory compliance experts from technology-oriented companies, particularly from supply chain, production and product design who want to learn which regulations are arising 2023 onwards with regards to sustainability and how your company can prepare itself.

Training Goals

A business that ran perfectly fine yesterday might become completely uneconomical under new regulations regarding carbon emissions or circularity. We want to prepare you for unprecedented changes in the legal framework of sustainability and how you prepare your company and your business for the necessary change. In doing so, we will elaborate the impact of regulations on your business and propose effective norms and standards as possible guidelines for you.

Learn more about

  • Stay up to date with all sustainability regulations and adaptation around the globe:
  • European Green Deal
  • Supply Chain Act
  • Emissions Trading
  • Etc.
  • Learn about potential impacts on your business and how to be prepared
  • Get an overview of relevant norms and standards as possible guidelines
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Dr. Myron Graw

Executive Director Sustainability

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Dr. Myron Graw

Executive Director Sustainability

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