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As part of the Insights training format, participants as explorers have the opportunity to gain access to cutting-edge technologies and innovative insights in compact content on current trending topics in order to stay on top of the rapidly changing subject areas and stay up-to-date.


Overcome the dichotomy between profitability and sustainability by learning how to systematically prioritize your most impactful sustainability levers. We guide you towards a professional sustainability management in order to address increasing awareness and sustainability regulations.


With our trainings in e-learning format, you get instant access to the learning content on our e-learning platform. You can access the content at any time and thus process what you have learned at your own pace.

Level 1

2 Hours
Experience the most important information on current topics and trends in a compact setting of up to 2 hours online-course duration. No matter if you want to learn more about new developments in your core business or if you want to think outside the box, our Insights enable you to do so based on our market and technology experiences.

About this Training

Circular Economy is a buzzword – but only very few industries and applications really have reached full circularity. In many industries, however, the idea of one-directional material flow prevails due to mostly economic reasons. The idea is that circularity requires additional effort and reduces profitability. We want to show examples from several industries and good practices, how improved product design, new business models or changes of materials have led to circular solutions. Change lies in the acceptance that not only production but also design and consumption need to change. We show you how!

Why this Training is right for you

The Circular Economy Insights are aimed at sustainability responsibles and managers from technology-oriented companies, particularly from research and development, technology and innovation management and product design who want to learn how other industries adopted the way towards circularity.

Training Goals

From an ecological perspective, being less bad or harmful to the environment does not mean being good after all. With this training we want to show you that the way to change requires new ways of thinking – from product and service design over production to the overall business model. Numerous examples from various industries should inspire you that circularity is impossible without collaboration and only achievable by thinking across industries – but it is definitely possible!

Learn more about

  • Introduction to key paradigms of reuse, reduce, repair, remanufacture & recycle
  • Successful practices for circularity across industries
  • Inspiring examples on how to set up circular material and energy networks
  • New business models supported by circular thinking
  • Impact of product and service design on circularity
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Dr. Myron Graw

Executive Director Sustainability

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Dr. Myron Graw

Executive Director Sustainability

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