ChatGPT, LLM, Generative AI in Industrial Applications - Hype or Game Changer?

ChatGPT is the buzz on everyone's lips - Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer. Many companies are currently trying to evaluate the potential uses of chat-enabled generative AI technology for industrial applications and evaluate the potential impact of this technology on the industry to be prepared for the future.

In doing so, they often run into roadblocks such as data security, data utilization, and IP on the result. Those who have decided to move forward under certain conditions and try out initial implementation runs with test data often find that the data basis is not sufficient to achieve the desired results.

For that reason, we are dedicating ourselves to addressing exactly these questions in our project with experts from the fields of AI, production, digitization, lawyers, and marketing specialists in order to set up well-founded action guidelines for your company.

What you get

  • You gain first-hand insights into the potentials and risks of the latest AI-based technologies
  • You determine the content focus of the project yourself
  • You receive a cross-functional evaluation of the potential of generative AI approaches in your production, innovation & technology management, R&D, supply chain, purchasing, controlling, sales, marketing
  • You get in touch with companies that face similar issues and challenges as you do
  • You gain a profound company-specific potential and risk analysis
  • You can identify and discuss insights in a confidential industry consortium to prepare recommendations for action for your company
  • You benefit from an exciting essentials training on the basics of large language models and generative AI

Why it matters

The ability to successfully implement new technologies (like ChatGPT) is one of the essential factors for growth and for maintaining or even increasing your company's competitiveness in the long term. Especially in times of increasing change dynamics and uncertainty. The challenge is to find answers to very wide-ranging questions in the short term and, based on this, to obtain well-founded statements about opportunities and risks and to set the right course for the future:

  • Which technologies and innovations need to be implemented to address current and future market requirements?
  • For which business functions is the use of ChatGPT suitable for our company?
  • How reliable are the outputs that an AI generates for me?
  • What happens to the data I enter as prompts as in Chatgpt?
  • When an AI generates content, who owns the results?
  • Are companies like OpenAI or Midjourney allowed to use copyrighted material as training data?
  • How do I use a Foundation Model for my own purposes?
  • How do I build a chatbot that not only has general conversation but also becomes meaningful for specific tasks (e.g., in customer service)?
  • How can I prevent the chatbot from making statements that have nothing to do with its domain?
  • What data do I need for a domain-specific chatbot to function meaningfully?
  • What are the current limitations of large language models?

Project outline

In the project kick-off, we get to know you and the other project partners and jointly identify the focus topics and main questions of the project. Afterwards, we will conduct an individual workshop together with you (on-site or digitally - depending on your preference) to assess the potential and risks of using ChatGPT or other Generative AI approaches. This can be done in a variety of functional areas, such as production, innovation & technology management, R&D, supply chain, purchasing, controlling, sales, or marketing.

As a result, you will receive a profound guideline on how you should position yourself with regard to the use of possible technologies in order not to risk your business and at the same time be able to exploit the new opportunities that arise based on possible AI technologies. Both the kick-off and the consolidation workshop serve as an opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded people. Finally, a comprehensive training session of essentials in large language models and generative AI aims at a broad knowledge transfer.

Benefit from our experience

We offer you a comprehensive portfolio and many years of experience with our proven experts in the fields of AI, Industry 4.0, production, digital transformation, etc. We support you in finding the optimal path for you, validating generative AI possibilities, and designing them according to your needs in order to be successful in the long term.

Target group

Participation in the project is open to medium and large companies from industrial domain. Within the project, there is a cross-functional approach: production, innovation & technology management, R&D, supply chain, purchasing, controlling, sales, and marketing.

Cooperation partner

General conditions

Start: On request

Duration: Approx. 2 months

Costs: 12,900 € per company (10,000 € for INC member companies)

Unlock the potential of generative AI for your company now!
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Unlock the potential of generative AI for your company now!
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