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Our manager training formats are aimed at senior executives or managing owners of a company. You want to strategically optimize and sustainably implement the performance of the entire company in order to achieve the company's goals.

New Products & Ventures

Innovation is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration: It's not about ideas and great technologies. It's about making ideas happen and bringing them to market. The art of innovation is the ability to implement with speed and impact. Amazing teams with unfair advantage successfully implement products and services.


For this training we invite you to one of our German locations in Aachen, Berlin, Dresden or Munich. Experience the benefits of industry, research and science in one place in a motivating environment and get in direct contact with peers.

Level 2

2 Days
Taking on new tasks or responsibilities requires dedicated understanding of new topics. In order to get a good overview of these innovation and technology fields and to get to know new methodologies and approaches, we offer you practice-proven basic knowledge in 1-2 day training formats.

About this Training

Learn how to corporate venture: Understand how to implement Corporate Venturing as a vehicle to future-proof your company, from identifying promising ideas up to organizing and managing corporate ventures. This training will help you build radical innovations with insights into successful practices and latest research.

Why this Training is right for you

The Corporate Venturing training is aimed at all specialists and managers whose task it is to build and scale radical innovations within a corporate environment such as innovation labs, corporate incubators or corporate venturing units.

Training Goals

After this training you will know the fundamentals of corporate venturing and be able to start or continue your learning journey by applying them in your organization. This essential knowledge enables you to set up your own corporate ventures.

Learn more about

  • Selecting innovation opportunities
  • Building corporate ventures through all phases (discovery, ideation, validation, build, launch, scale)
  • Managing venture portfolios
  • Defining and using corporate venturing metrics
  • Financing and valuation of corporate ventures
  • Legal frameworks and incentive models
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Dr. Stefan Thomas

Executive Director Portfolio Management

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Dr. Stefan Thomas

Executive Director Portfolio Management

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