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You have a key leadership position within the organization with a focus on supporting the strategic direction of the business. You already understand the basics of innovation work and now want to take it a step further.

Technology & Innovation Management

The ability to identify, develop and implement innovations differentiates successful companies from the others. A diligent, modern technology and innovation management drives future growth and competitive advantage to leap one step ahead.


For this training we invite you to one of our German locations in Aachen, Berlin, Dresden or Munich. Experience the benefits of industry, research and science in one place in a motivating environment and get in direct contact with peers.

Level 3

3 Days
Preparing for the next career step or building on existing expertise in order to fill the current role more effectively requires intensive training formats. In addition to theoretical training content, interaction, exercises and transferability to your own job context are particularly important. This is made possible in 3-5 day certificate courses.

About this Training

Successful innovation and technology management are key to growth and competitive advantage. It is a leadership assignment to lead and manage organizations toward the future with competitive technologies, products, and services. This leadership training coaches business leaders in the application of the most relevant innovation strategies, and methodologies as well as in innovation-enabling organizational elements.

Why this Training is right for you

You already understand the fundamentals of innovation work and you want to lead a modern and efficient innovation system that is able to cope with new market requirements, cutting-edge technologies, and highly motivated innovation personnel. This training develops your competencies in understanding the most important market and technology trends, organizing modern innovation systems, and creating a “love to the workplace" to attract talents.

Training Goals

After the training, you will understand how to design your innovation system to develop technologies, products, and services in the most effective and efficient way. You will understand the most relevant technology and market trends and will be able to apply best practice innovation methodologies in terms of strategy, organization, and culture to lead competitive innovation systems. You will understand what the key drivers for managing successful innovation work are.

Learn more about

  • Leadership elements to enable successful innovation work (strategies, processes, roles, culture, controlling)
  • Enabling growth and competitive advantage with customer-centric products, services and business models 
  • Understand and engage new market and technology trends
  • Apply best practice innovation methodologies 
  • Comprehend the key aspects of a learning and innovative organization dealing with constant change
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