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Our manager training formats are aimed at senior executives or managing owners of a company. You want to strategically optimize and sustainably implement the performance of the entire company in order to achieve the company's goals.

Industry 4.0

The digital transformation of industry offers major potential. To do it correctly, a proper strategic approach, infrastructure design, and development of the skills and mindset of the people and organization are needed to achieve transformative goals, not just local optimization.


For this training we invite you to one of our German locations in Aachen, Berlin, Dresden or Munich. Experience the benefits of industry, research and science in one place in a motivating environment and get in direct contact with peers.

Level 3

5 Days
Preparing for the next career step or building on existing expertise in order to fill the current role more effectively requires intensive training formats. In addition to theoretical training content, interaction, exercises and transferability to your own job context are particularly important. This is made possible in 3-5 day certificate courses.

About this Training

The Chief Digital Transformation Manager provides all the necessary methods to steer a digital transformation program from conception to scaling as well as content on the major building blocks, a step-by-step transformation approach, key value drivers, and application areas of Industry 4.0. The training is complemented by a Harvard-style business case for the joint creation of a roadmap and a digital transformation program for practical learning experiences.

Why this Training is right for you

The training is tailored to leaders and decision-makers, who are interested in obtaining a comprehensive overview of the added value and business opportunities of Industry 4.0 as well as receiving the methodical tools to lead and steer a holistic digital transformation program.

Training Goals

The training offers you a comprehensive toolbox to drive the digital transformation in your company independent of the current maturity. We focus on building and steering a holistic transformation program as well as supplying you with knowledge on the prerequisites, necessary roles and processes to connect fragmented pilots and scale to multiple lines and sites. In addition, you learn about the most important technological principles and applications for understanding the big picture and the value drivers of Industry 4.0.

Learn more about

  • Digital transformation action fields
  • Typical pitfalls for leaders when introducing Industry 4.0
  • Do‘s and don‘ts for a digital transformation program
  • Tying your Industry 4.0 technology roadmap to your business strategy
  • Interdisciplinary teams & roles
  • Process to manage uncertain Industry 4.0 projects
  • Mindset for agility and learning
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Patrick Kabasci

Executive Director Digital Transformation

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Patrick Kabasci

Executive Director Digital Transformation

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