Roadmap towards profound Data Strategy, Infrastructure & Governance

Project Approach

With the newly proposed EU Data Act, more and more companies are becoming aware of the challenges and importance of proper data management, governance, and infrastructural setup.

For this, it is essential to go through the following steps and learn from each other

  • Ad-hoc assessment: Identification and elaboration of current and future challenges in data management, governance, and infrastructure
  • Consolidation of relevant internal and external regulations, systems, and infrastructure settings
  • Identification and selection of appropriate companies to conduct in-depth interviews based on the consortium’s focus areas
  • Roadmapping: Transfer of the findings to the company's individual characteristics
  • Further skill development

Your Value

  • Status-quo workshop regarding your individual challenges and status-quo in data management, governance, and infrastructure (Ad-hoc assessment)
  • Overview and elaboration of different data governance frameworks, architectures, and strategies
  • Learn from selected successful practices that fit your requirements
  • Mutual exchange of consortium internal practices and experiences
  • Access to targeted training formats about data management, infrastructure, and governance

Learn to use the data effectively in your organization to achieve the following benefits

  • Improve data quality outcomes
  • Improve report accuracy
  • Increase the timeliness of data
  • Minimize redundancy and rework
  • Mitigate the risk of a security breach
  • Minimize misuse of data
  • Reduce development costs

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