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As part of the Insights training format, participants as explorers have the opportunity to gain access to cutting-edge technologies and innovative insights in compact content on current trending topics in order to stay on top of the rapidly changing subject areas and stay up-to-date.

Artificial Intelligence

Data is the new oil. To be ready for the data-driven future, strategic cornerstones need to be prepared and promising data-related use cases must be implemented in a scalable manner. For this, AI offers a powerful toolset to optimize processes, reduce waste and develop new digital products and services.


With our trainings in e-learning format, you get instant access to the learning content on our e-learning platform. You can access the content at any time and thus process what you have learned at your own pace.

Level 1

2 Hours
Experience the most important information on current topics and trends in a compact setting of up to 2 hours online-course duration. No matter if you want to learn more about new developments in your core business or if you want to think outside the box, our Insights enable you to do so based on our market and technology experiences.

About this Training

The Ethical AI Insights introduce the main ethical challenges and issues revolving around artificial intelligence applications. The course also provides guidelines on how to approach AI projects ethically and gives an overview of regulatory measures that are currently underway to ensure the responsible use of AI.

Why this Training is right for you

The Ethical AI Insights are meant for AI beginners, as well as advanced users/developers of AI since it highlights the main aspects of developing not only successful and value-adding AI solutions, but also solutions that comply with ethical and regulatory requirements.

Training Goals

After this training, you will have understood the ethical ramifications of AI in today’s societies and how to approach and reduce the issues created through non-ethical AI solutions.

Learn more about

  • Ethics in AI
  • Bias
  • Ethical AI Workflow
  • Legal Framework of AI
  • Future Compliance
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