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Our manager training formats are aimed at senior executives or managing owners of a company. You want to strategically optimize and sustainably implement the performance of the entire company in order to achieve the company's goals.

Artificial Intelligence

Data is the new oil. To be ready for the data-driven future, strategic cornerstones need to be prepared and promising data-related use cases must be implemented in a scalable manner. For this, AI offers a powerful toolset to optimize processes, reduce waste and develop new digital products and services.


For this training we invite you to one of our German locations in Aachen, Berlin, Dresden or Munich. Experience the benefits of industry, research and science in one place in a motivating environment and get in direct contact with peers.

Level 3

3 Days
Preparing for the next career step or building on existing expertise in order to fill the current role more effectively requires intensive training formats. In addition to theoretical training content, interaction, exercises and transferability to your own job context are particularly important. This is made possible in 3-5 day certificate courses.

About this Training

Companies strive to become more data-driven organizations to increase sales opportunities and improve operational efficiency. Learn about the motivation, drivers, key factors and frameworks of data strategy to support your business in making data-driven and evidence-based business decision. By enhancing structured data processes, internal practices can be accelerated and internal operations improved. Building the right data strategy is crucial before implementing data-driven use cases.

Why this Training is right for you

The Data Strategy Manager course is tailored to leaders, managers and decision-makers, who are interested in improving operational efficiency and performance within the organization and gain value out of their data through a profound understanding of Data Strategy as added value to generate smarter products in optimizing internal data handling processes.

Training Goals

The training provides a foundation for data strategy structure and covers their key components of data management including Business Intelligence (BI), data governance and best practice approaches with case studies and success stories to align people, processes and tools.

Learn more about

  • Key factors for data strategy foundation
  • Data Governance and EU Data Act framework
  • Stay compliant with regulations and EU Data Act protection
  • Effective data management including artificial insights
  • Use the data effectively in your organization to achieve the following benefits:
  • Improve data quality outcomes
  • Increase timeliness of data
  • Reduce development costs
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Anne Loos

Executive Director New Business & Technologies

Data Strategy Manager

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Anne Loos

Executive Director New Business & Technologies

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