Open Innovation Session "House of the Future"

Event date
February 28, 2023

How does the house of the future look like?

Our vision is to bring the most innovative players in the industry together to assess open innovation potential and discuss synergies, best practices, challenges and areas for collaboration.

Why it matters more than ever

The pandemic has amplified the need to design housing concepts for both working and living, the global energy crisis has made renewable energy choices for buildings faster economically viable. Consumers demand holistic solutions in the smart home area to achieve connectivity and true added value instead of isolated and costly solutions. The large base of existing houses needs new ideas to inspire retrofit actions. The construction industry has huge digitalization and sustainability potential. Climate change urgency is ever-increasing, thus the questions of how will we live in the future and how technology can benefit our existing and newly built homes are more relevant than ever.

Key Objectives for the Open Innovation Session

  • Inspiring each other with impulses
  • Defining the key innovation areas of interest
  • Assessing the Potential for Collaboration & Public Funding in these areas
  • Designing one joint prototype by the end of 2023

What we strive to achieve together

Innovation Areas - Open Innovation Session "House of the Future"

Success for the project is evident if we manage to build a house of the future together as a lighthouse concept, embodying all identified innovation areas and first prototyped solutions which we developed in the project. In this way, your customers can experience how you envision the future of housing and how our collaborative solutions shape how we live together happier and more sustainably while bridging the gap between generations while harmonizing living and work.

How this project will look like

Project Approach - Open Innovation Session "House of the Future"

This momentum calls for an open approach to innovation to decrease search costs, increase time-to-market and offer holistic solutions to customers to provide real value. First, we want to ignite your inspiration with cutting-edge impulses on trend developments, emerging technologies, and market opportunities. As a second step we jointly define the most relevant innovation areas and engage in deeper problem analysis in those. Third, the INC interviews target groups and collects data on our assumptions. Then we synthesize these insights, jointly ideate on novel solutions & the connected (platform) business models, and prototype products & services that can be tested with existing and new customers.


10.00 Welcome, INC Impulse on Innovation Areas & Open Innovation Methodology

10.30 Partner Impulses

  • 10:30 KVL - Digital Construction & BIM, Retrofit Action, Open Data Platforms
  • 10:50 Eaton - Smart Grid Management
  • 11:10 Viega - Drinking Water Management, required Interfaces in Technical Building Equipment & Viega World

11.30 Break

11.40 External Impulses

  • 11:40 Covestro - Circular Construction: Sustainable Materials
  • 12:00 Vattenfall - Full-Service Energy Platforms
  • 12:20 Foundamental by HeidelbergMaterials - ConstructionTech Trends

13.00 Lunch Break

13.45 Open Innovation Action Areas

  • Ideation on Collaboration Topics within Innovation Areas
  • Clustering
  • Decision for 3-4 Focus Topics

14.15 Design Thinking: Empathise & Scoping Phase

  • 14.15 - 14.30: Team-Building, Challenge Definition & Scoping (15 min)
  • 14.30 - 16.00: Ecosystem Analysis (30 min), Target Group: Personas, Jobs-to-be-done (30 min), Questionnaire Brainwriting for Research (30 min)

16.00 Sharing Results

16.30 Wrap & Up Next Steps on the Open Innovation Journey

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Jacob Hornberger
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