Benchmarking - Success factors in Technology & Innovation Management

Become part of our benchmarking project and learn how you can unleash the full potential of Technology and Innovation Management (TIM) for your company. We will identify the key success factors for your organization in order to achieve Innovation Excellence.

What you get

  • Receive comprehensive and certified intensive training in technology and innovation management (Chief Technology Manager).
  • Define the focus of the benchmarking analysis to identify successful practices in technology and innovation management
  • Select the five successful practice companies based on a comprehensive pre-analysis of more than 5.000 companies surveyed
  • Get to know the successful practice companies on-site and actively exchange ideas with them
  • Get a detailed, scientifically based insight into the success factors of technology and innovation management based on an analysis of the most successful companies
  • Compare yourself with successful companies and derive your own priorities for your business
  • Discuss findings in an exclusive industry consortium to prepare recommendations for action for your company

Why it matters?

The long-term survival time of all companies listed in the S&P index has decreased from 30-35 years (1970) to only 15-20 years today.

The ability to successfully execute innovations is one of the key factors for growth and long-term survival. Especially in 2023, a time of increasing change and uncertainty. The challenge here is to systematically establish technology and innovation management as a core competence - with professional processes and organization that enable future growth and competitive advantage.

"Innovate or die, and there’s no innovation if you operate out of fear of the new or untested."
~ Robert Iger, Former CEO of Walt Disney Company

Project outline

In the project kick-off, we get to know you and the other consortium partners and define the focus and target group of the benchmarking study.

In parallel to the benchmarking study, the consortium partners will have the opportunity to further establish their competencies in technology and innovation management with our certified Chief Technology Manager training. In the practice-oriented training program, participants receive a comprehensive overview of strategies, processes, and methods to establish a competitive technology and innovation management system.

In the review meeting, we will discuss the findings from the benchmarking study and elaborate on the successful practices of the leading companies. The five potential successful practice companies are selected by the consortium based on a comprehensive KPI analysis of approx. 300 participating companies.

Finally, there will be the opportunity to visit and learn from the most successful companies.

In the final meeting, the identified successful practices will be officially presented, and the five successful practice companies are awarded in presence of the press.

Methodical procedure of the consortium benchmarking

Target group

Participation in the project is open to large companies from a wide range of industries, manufacturing or processing industrial companies, as well as companies from the software, insurance, banking, energy, or construction sectors.

Benefit from our experience

We offer you a comprehensive range of services and years of experience with our proven experts in this field. We support you in taking the optimized path to validate and design Technology and Innovation Management tailored to your needs to remain successful in the long term.

Cooperation partner

General conditions

Kick-off Meeting:  September 28, 2023

Review Meeting:   February 15, 2024

Final Meeting:    June 5, 2024

Cost: 25, 000€

Incl. 1 participation in the Chief Technology Manager Training (RWTH Aachen Certificate Course)

Customer reviews

"We have participated several times as a partner in the consortium benchmarking. We were impressed by the high quality of the results, the professional project management and the close exchange with the other participating companies. This enabled us to gain further important impulses for our own technology management. We were encouraged in our approach and process design."
~ Thomas Stengel, Senior Manager Technology Management, Daimler Trucks
"We participated in the consortium benchmarking for the first time and are thoroughly convinced by the result and the professional support. The close exchange with experts from the participating companies helps us to take a different perspective and reflect on our own approaches."
~ Patricia Graf, F&E Werkstoffe, Biomaterialien Aesculap AG

Learn how you can unleash the full potential of TIM for your company
Get startedGet started

Learn how you can unleash the full potential of TIM for your company
Get startedGet started

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