Corporate Venturing Benchmark 2023

The largest data-driven benchmark on corporate venturing in Europe

Over the past five years, 10% of corporate innovation units in Germany have shut down.

This benchmark aims to investigate the underlying reasons behind this trend and what makes the surviving ones successful.

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The deadline for responding to the questionnaire is June 30, 2023

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The Initiators

The INC Invention Center and the Fraunhofer IPT are the initiators of this benchmarking, supported by EBS University. The three initiators combine practical, scientific, and academic knowledge to guarantee the scientifically based development of the benchmarking questionnaire as well as the evaluation of the results.


Corporate innovation units participating


Industry partners created a consortium to define the criteria to be assessed


Top performers categories to distinguish outstanding corporate innovation units

Your Benefits

Learn more about your benefits of engaging in the benchmark:


Understand your performance and compare with best-in-class peers against key indicators and maturity metrics


Identify areas of improvement and understand successful practices from top-performing companies


Prioritize your areas of improvement and enable continuous tracking of your initiatives to drive sustainable innovation.

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Industry Partners

7 corporates joined forces to add a cross-industry perspective to the benchmark. For our industry partners, the Corporate Venturing Benchmark 2023 is an opportunity to tap into shared knowledge, benchmark their own performance, access diverse expertise and foster collaboration. By analyzing the success factors of separate innovation units, the consortium aims at gaining valuable insights and leveraging the collective intelligence to drive their own innovation efforts.

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